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South Waikato Achievement Trust

The Trust was founded and developed by the local community and allied business people in 1972. Since that time, the organisation has developed from a small service supporting people in the South Waikato region to now offering a wide range of programmes through business units and our Community Participation and Creative Arts Units. It is based on a personal optimistic philosophy that it is possible to harness professional skills and knowledge with community resources and goodwill to provide a people centred service, where everyone benefits. "Personal growth, self-esteem and respect results when people are able to be contributing members of their local communities".

Governance is provided by an elected Board of Trustees, consisting of representatives of the business community, and people with vested interests. Since December 2007 the South Waikato Achievement Trust has worked under the Minimum Wage Rate Exception Policy introduced by Government and monitored by the Department of Labour. This means that all disabled people will receive a fair day's wage for a fair day's work. An assessment process provides a very accurate productivity and competency assessment and is reviewed yearly. There is a positive approach to all activities and staff believing that:

"Every Challenge is an Opportunity"

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